Until recently, no one has thought of having a lift installed within a home, as lifts were exclusively meant for high-rise buildings. But with the progress made in ‘simplifying’ living and the relentless search for newer realms of convenience, lifts have started capturing space in the ‘insides’ of homes. And now, the economically made private lifts have become a quintessential element of the blue-prints of newly planned houses.

The concept of Home Lifts first struck ….while he started planning his own house. The seeds for the prototype of his dream lift were sown on his drawing table way back in 2014. Fully convinced of the huge commercial potential of the home lift concept, a company by the name LEVA HOMELIFTS PVT.LTD was floated in 2016.
Today, the homeowners in their 50s and 60s, who seek ease of reaching out to their next floor, are our potential clients.

Once again, the upstairs of villas that used to remain ‘unused and silent’ have started buzzing with activities.


We consider "Customer Services" as the core of our business. Our service team consists of expert engineers and technicians chosen to ensure that we deliver customer delight. The main pillars of the service delivery are -

  • Pre-sales Services (Design Consultancy and Planning, Civil Work Consulting and Contracting) and Site Readiness
  • Post Sales (Delivery, Installation & Testing)
  • Maintenance
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